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Contact Kind 7 Trello Integration is a Trello combination plugin for WordPress that makes it truly straightforward to send your Contact Kind 7 kinds straight to your Trello account. After the combination, sent the kind are instantly included as card to the defined board and checklist in your account Trello, along with extra information.



  • Incorporate your ‘Get In Touch With Kind 7 ‘kinds with Trello.
  • Numerous boards/lists sustain.
  • You can establish each kind directly, define which info your intend to obtain.
  • Sending out in 2 settings: quickly when sending the kind or with a minor hold-up with ‘Activity Scheduler ‘.
  • Assistance for the card placement top/bottom.
  • Assistance for the card due day.
  • Assistance for using checklist of tags.
  • Assistance for using checklist of participants.
  • Assistance obtaining ‘utm ‘params from the ‘LINK ‘.
  • Assistance for sending out ‘GA Customer ID ‘.
  • Assistance for sending out ‘roistat_visit ‘cookie.
  • Sustains for sending out ‘_ ym_uid ‘cookie.
  • Sustains for sending out ‘_ fbp ‘cookie.
  • Sustains for sending out ‘_ fbc ‘cookie.
  • Assistance submitted data.
  • Incorporate endless ‘Get in touch with Kind 7 ‘kinds.


  • This plugin calls for the ‘Get in touch with Kind 7 ‘plugin.


For info regarding the brand-new variation and the installment of updates, you can utilize the plugin from Envato Envato Market WordPress Plugin.


Contact Kind 7 Trello epa o a epa c Trello WordPress, oop oo a eo opa ae a Contact Kind 7 op a Trello aay. oce epa, opaee op yy aoaec oae a apo a yaay ocy c ae aaye Trello, ece c ooe a.



  • eppye a ‘Get in touch with Kind 7 ‘op c Trello.
  • oepa eco oco/cco.
  • oee acpo ao ope, ae ae oe oya.
  • paa y pea: cpay p opae op c eoo aepo epe ‘Activity Scheduler ‘.
  • oepa o apo cepy/cy.
  • oepa ycao cpoa oe apo.
  • oepa ycao eo.
  • oepa ycao yaco.
  • oepa ‘utm ‘apaepo ‘LINK ‘.
  • oepa opa ‘GA Customer ID ‘.
  • oepa opa ‘roistat_visit ‘cookie.
  • oepa opa ‘_ ym_uid ‘cookie.
  • oepa opa ‘_ fbp ‘cookie.
  • oepa opa ‘_ fbc ‘cookie.
  • oepa opa apye ao.
  • e opae o oecy op ‘Get in touch with Kind 7 ‘.




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