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Real Voice is a flexible text-to-speech plugin for WordPress. It sustains all the significant text-to-speech solutions in a solitary hassle-free $39 plan.

It features a personalized sound gamer, a committed control panel to keep track of the API contacts us to the text-to-speech solutions, and numerous modification alternatives.

Sustained Text to Speech Services

SpeechSynthesis (Internet Speech API)

This choice is for making use of the text-to-speech capabilities consisted of by the internet browser without registering for a cloud solution.

Technically, the text-to-speech conversion is done making use of the SpeechSynthesis user interface of the Internet Speech API. Currently, speech synthesis has actually come to be a sensible remedy for any type of manufacturing site because all significant internet browsers currently sustain it.

The modification alternatives offered by SpeechSynthesis are offered in the Actual Voice plugin setups:

  • Language— With this choice, you can pick the language of the articulation.
  • Voice— Select among the voices offered in the individual’s internet browser.
  • Pitch— The pitch worth identifies the viewed “highness” or “lowness” of the created voice.
  • Rate— Select the rate at which the articulation must be talked.
  • Volume— This identifies the quantity value

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a cloud solution that transforms message right into talked sound that belongs to Amazon Internet Provider (AWS).

It sustains a broad choice of requirement (TTS) and neural (NTTS) voices for virtually any type of language.

In the Actual Voice plugin, we consisted of all the important alternatives to obtain one of the most out of Amazon Polly. Especially, you will certainly have the ability to set up:

  • AWS Region— The AWS area that you choose to make use of.
  • Voice ID— Select among the numerous voices offered in Amazon Polly.
  • Engine— Select in between Requirement and Neural. We advise making use of the Neural engine to generate one of the most all-natural and human-like text-to-speech voices feasible.
  • Language Code— Select among the language codes sustained by Amazon Polly.
  • Vocabulary Names— Below, you can establish the vocabulary names you wish to use throughout the synthesis.
  • Outcome Format— You can pick in between mp3 or ogg_vorbis.
  • Example Rate— Numerous example prices are offered.
  • Text Type— Simple message or SSML are sustained.

For additional information, see the Amazon Polly includes right here.

The regards to solution of Amazon Internet Providers are offered in the web link listed below:

Google Text-to-Speech AI

Text-to-Speech AI is a solution offered in Google Cloud that transforms message right into natural-sounding speech making use of an API powered by the finest of Google’s AI innovations.

This solution sustains a high variety of voices and languages. Google classifies the voices based upon the innovation utilized to generate them. Technical information on this are offered right here.

It’s simple to set up the audio created by Google Text-to-Speech AI with the alternatives consisted of in the Actual Voice setups:

  • Sound Encoding— This choice permits you to pick the encoding of the audio data.
  • Speking Rate— Below, you can pick the rate at which the articulation is talked.
  • Pitch— Select the family member highness or lowness of the voice.
  • Gain— The quantity gain related to generated sound.
  • Impacts Account ID— With this choice, you can use particular sound accounts …


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