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WooCommerce dimension rate calculator plugin is an advancement completely extensive dimension calculator plugin that takes dimension input by the client making use of which amount will certainly be determined rate based upon size, location (sqft), quantity, weight, and box.
This facilitates, you can offer variable sized items according to their measurements such as size, Location (Sqft), Quantity and Weight. It sustains solitary, dual and three-way inputs. Perfect prices services for shop marketing blinds, wallpapers, fluids, floor covering, and so on.
WooCommerce dimension Rates calculator permits you to offer an item based price/quantity (Rate per meter, foot, Sqft, Cubic lawn, Mile, Kilometer, and so on). WooCommerce dimension Rates calculator permits the individual to enter their dimension and determine the specific rate based upon their input. As opposed to requiring the client to purchase items in repaired dimensions or quantity

Features Dimension Rates Calculator Plugin

  • Sell items by Location, Quantity, Weight and Box
  • Adds Rates Calculator to Item Pages
  • Sell Products by Box
  • Supports Solitary Products
  • Show Rates Table in Item Tab
  • Define Dimension Units for Products like meter, foot, sq lawn, kg, and so on
  • Customize Rates Tag and Systems.
  • Improved Interface (New).
  • Supply Monitoring (New).
  • Establish Min/Max Order Amount for Item & Variations (New)
  • WPML Compatibility (New)


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