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If you are looking for a SEO compatible blog theme for your website, Free Wpberita WordPress Theme Download is for you. We share idtheme for you for free. Thanks to these themes, you can create a quality blog. If you wish, let’s share the features of the theme right below.

Wpberita Theme Features

WPberita is new and many people can’t wait to use it. Due to intense requests from you, we searched again and found the wpberita theme and decided to present it to our valuable visitors. Let’s first explain the information and features of the theme in detail for you.

  • More than 12 ad spots, ranging from floating left, right, bottom ads, to ads in the middle of the paragraph that can maximize clicks on your ads.
  • There are 5 navigation menus, side navigation, first, second navigation, mobile scroll menu and copyright menu.
  • The Homepage module can be used as a headline category and a focus category.
  • Buddy can use 3 related posts at once, starting from tags, categories and topics. Everything can be arranged buddy.
  • Like other big news wordpress themes in Indonesia, this theme already supports infinite scroll.
  • The news web display is more interactive with fixed menus, banners, and in the sidebar.
  • Beautiful navigation display and banners between navigation posts. Beautiful and certainly profitable.
  • This news wordpress theme supports full support & official plugins, starting from the main page to single and there are banner settings for AMP pages.
  • This theme already has a dark mode feature, so that your visitors are more comfortable in reading your news.

Why are we sharing this theme for free?

A lot of people are asking and we want to answer that question too. Why are we sharing these themes for free? While we share these themes for free, you see some advertisements on our site. Our goal will be to add value to Google and enable you to see those ads. That’s why we earn our income from advertisements. Themes do not contain any viruses. Before sharing these themes, we make the necessary checks and present them to you. We want to review other blog themes CLICK HERE.

Free Wpberita WordPress Theme Download

İmmediately the button is loaded into your budget. Good luck.


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